Bochum, Germany

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DJ Bloodbeats, creator of the "Instrumental Boutique" compilation series and pioneer of Russian instrumental hip-hop, proudly presents
his own online-label "Free Crates", an absolute must for music gourmets. If you are
looking for fresh instrumental releases ranging from funky hip-hop to alternative electronic music, look no further - it´s all up for grabs in the "Free Crates!".

DJ Bloodbeats, Funky Drummer, Camel Crock, Sasha Ate, Stak, Screw, Арик, Astronaft, Bioniq, 5nak, MazyMax, Rbe, Skeon, Figub Brazlevič, Obba Supa, Lingvisto, Fil Dunsky, Mag. T and more...

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