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Since starting Freefarm back in 2004 my approach and drive has remained largely the same whilst the scope and scale of the projects has moved on in great strides. Ears always wide open for new sounds, I've amassed an ever evolving pallet of unusual and exotic techniques and instruments to draw from. I regularly call in additional musicians when a project calls for it.

Commissions have seen me create microscopic interface sounds for a global mobile brand, soundtrack a complete rebrand of MTV for a global audience of 500 million and compose music for a 36 channel surround audio-visual experience for Hyundai. Other people I have worked with include choreographer Benjamin Millepied on an audio-visual installation for the London Science Museum and Finnish film director Dome Karukoski on a series of idents for TV channel Nelonen.

My acoustically treated studio is in Brighton, UK and can happily support every stage of production from sketch to final master.

Simon Pyke, Freefarm.

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