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Performance Artist based in Australia. Also known as Freeflowingvisuals, Video Art producer.

Peter Toy was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1954. He studied sculpture and photomedia at the City Art Institute and graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1983.
His Art practice is based on performative art actions which he documents in the tangible forms of sculpture, photography and video art. His solo shows, (1986 to 2006), combine live performance with sculpture and video installation.
Peter Toy the performance artist is… "a child of nature", "a noble savage" and a "voice in the wilderness". He has received many awards, residencies and showings both in Australia and Europe.

Says Peter Toy on his work: "The philosophy guiding my work is with establishing questions in relation to contemporary global dilemmas. For example; Is Nature interested in the continued survival of human kind. And also, Is God Dead. This way of working reinforces my belief that, in Art and Philosophy, questions are more important than answers."

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