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War. Famine. Disease. Poverty– these are words which often correspond with the ongoing crises across the globe. Women are often at the heart of these issues solely because of their gender. Violence, rape, and abandonment have been used as weapons against women who are barely surviving to raise their families. However, despite such political unrest, social turmoil, skewed sexism and relentless poverty, there are countless enthralling stories of success, hope, strength and victory. These stories of difficulty and perseverance; weakness and strength; poverty and recovery; slavery and empowerment; loss and triumph; defeat and victory need to be shared to inspire change in the lives of a myriad of women from all ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

Freely in Hope's mission is to empower women and children to overcome adversity and live freely in hope by liberating women from sexual oppression, providing opportunities for dignified work, and advocating security through education.

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