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Frères Lumières was created in 2010 for the purpose of composing, arranging and performing original music to accompany visual representations.

Multi instrumentalists Vince Nudo and Dan Watchorn, the composing duo that comprises Frères Lumières, began their musical collaborations in the early days of Montreal rock band Priestess. The band has since recorded two studio albums for RCA and TeePee records, and rigorously toured North America as well as overseas throughout the band's almost ten year career. But it was their mutual love for cinema and film scores that would quickly find the two eagerly working outside the confines of rock music.

Frères Lumières' first piece of scoring was for the 2010 independent film Running Mates, directed by Thomas Michael and starring Henry Winkler (aka The Fonze!) and DJ Qualls. Most recently, Frères Lumières were invited to attend the 2012 International Festival de Cannes for their work on the short film Gephyrophobia, directed by award winning artist and filmmaker Caroline Monnet.

Prior to composing, Nudo and Watchorn were no strangers to having their music put to film. Priestess' impressive list of syncs include animated feature Surf's Up starring Jeff Bridges, television series such as HBO's Entourage, and popular video games like Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock.

The main focus for Frères Lumières has always been to bring inventive touches and new life to moving pictures. Dividing their time between New York and Montreal, the duo channel the energy of the two vibrant cities into fuel for the creative process.

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