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“If you couldn't make it to Coachella or you're just having major withdrawals, check out Friend Slash Lover, because it's never too soon to start finding new bands and forecasting next year's Coachella line up.” Huffington Post

“The arrangements are loosely structured, giving the songs a nice fluid feel, with interesting tunings, good dynamics, and subtle tension.” Jester Jay Music Blog

“Friend Slash Lover is a marriage between pop art and music, with open-tuned chord progressions, tongue-in-cheek social commentary and inspirations from Sigur Ros and Radiohead.” Phillip Zonkel, Inside SoCal/Press Telegram

LA-based burgeoning art rockers Friend Slash Lover continue to build an impressive repertoire of music that will surely find more new fans now. The open-tuned chorded social commentary found on their debut EP; As American as Ones and Zeros has now been added to Pandora’s music library.

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