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Miami based art collaborative FriendsWithYou was created with one basic concept in mind; to become Friends With You! Their work, which ranges from fine art and performance pieces at major cultural events to playgrounds, toys, interactive products, and apparel, appeals to every demographic with a positive message of magic, luck, and friendship—essentially spreading a happy cultural virus to all facets of modern living.

Combining solid graphic disciplines with a mastery of production methods ranging from metal casting to print making, FriendsWithYou’s oeuvre is varied and adventurous. Since their initial collaboration in 2002, Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III have developed FriendsWithYou into a fully established multi-disciplinary creative studio capable of producing everything from fine art to initial strategies and concepts, products packaging, POS, print elements, full motion media (i.e. live-action, animation, stop-motion, etc.), and events.

Having consistently generated innovative and award-winning work, FriendsWithYou have been invited to participate in some of the World’s most respected art happenings including Art Basel, Comicon, and Pictoplasma, and both shown in and been collected by numerous international galleries and museums.

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