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Jeff Frost is a multidisciplinary artist, nomad, and possible proof of alien presence on Earth, who combines painting, photography, music and sound design into short films which are created one frame at a time.

Frost’s films have been featured at the Palm Springs Museum of Art for the Palm Springs Photo Festival, in a traveling exhibition in Bangkok for the US Embassy, as well as being featured in numerous online publications such as The Atlantic, VICE, and Gizmodo. The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) named him one of the best photographers of 2014.

Jeff has been shooting two new films simultaneously since early 2014. One is focused on wildfires and humankind's effect on the planet (title TBD), usually through the consumption of technology. The other is called 'Circuit Board Species' and is a celebration of man and technology. He is also working on several large commercial productions and is seeking gallery representation.

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