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Fulgeance’s music is a perfect blend of huge, synth-laced French Electro and modern Instrumental Hip Hop. He takes club music into the realm of intelligent musical arrangements, yet always remains "dumb" enough to work the floor.

He plays live via two MPC’s and is completely mind blowing to watch. His fast paced and energetic performance approach is a refreshing outlook from the 'head in your laptop' era. Fun and highly talented, this is a welcome return.
‘The Revenge of the Nerd’ is a perfect slice of his "Low – Club" Hip Hop and has been critically acclaimed internationally. His unforgettable 2007 ‘Chico E.P’ on the Musique Large imprint and swing laced Kelpe remix on DC Recordings have always been favourites at LuckyMe, and we can not wait to hear new exclusive material from his forthcoming E.P 'LOW CLUB,' which drops worldwide on Musique Large in October.

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