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Full Crate has studied classical piano since the age of 5 and also started dj- ing at a young age. For the last couple of years he has been composing and producing music for different projects, vocalists and mc’s and dj-ing at the best spots around the world. In January 2010 he released ‘Conversations With Her’ EP (Vinyl + Digi) together with the vocalist Mar. After that the HiHatClub vol.5 Eggs and Pancakes together with FS Green that dropped in October on Vinyl+Digi worldwide aswell. And to close the year with a fresh and up-tempo release, 'The Barb' 7" on the London based Kilawattmusic label. After a busy year with different international shows and gigs he is now focusing on the full- length album with Mar, an EP with Jesse Boykins III and lots of new tours and shows.


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