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Georgetown, OH

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Every time we hit the record button we want your senses to come alive. Your heart should beat as if you are in full draw on an ancient whitetail. You should feel as if there is a mature tom dancing rhythmically amongst your decoy spread. You should feel as if you are trapped within the lens as our adventure unfolds. If you're short of breath and mesmerized when you watch our videos, then we are doing what we set out to do. We cherish the serine sunrise on a damp spring morning. We live to see our breaths in the air on a cool November afternoon. Join us on our journey, as we share our highs, our lows, and our adventures through a lens. We are outdoorsmen, we are Ryan Barlow and Kyle Jennings. We are - Full Draw Addiction.

Patience. Persistence. Precision. Practice. Perfection.

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