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  1. 38:09

    Everyday Champions

    by FullertonTitansTV

    12 Videos

    Intercollegiate athletics is about much more than wins and losses. The physical and mental training augment the classroom experience and teach life's lessons. Intercollegiate athletic scholarships…

  2. 01:54:13

    Baseball 2010

    by FullertonTitansTV

    15 Videos

    2010 Cal State Fullerton baseball videos

  3. 30:54

    Titans Making a Difference

    by FullertonTitansTV

    9 Videos

    This album contains videos of Cal State Fullerton athletes out in the community making a difference.

  4. 01:24:42

    Baseball 2011

    by FullertonTitansTV

    12 Videos

    Videos from the 2011 Cal State Fullerton baseball season

  5. 01:49:48

    Titans in the Bigs

    by FullertonTitansTV

    9 Videos

    Interviews with Titan baseball players that have gone on to play at the major league level.

  6. 15:57

    Domingo Ayala

    by FullertonTitansTV

    5 Videos

    Videos with international baseball superstar Domingo Ayala as he "tries out" for the 2011 Titans.

  7. 05:42

    Baseball 2009

    by FullertonTitansTV

    2 Videos

    2009 Cal State Fullerton baseball videos

  8. 01:07:05

    Midseason Reports

    by FullertonTitansTV

    6 Videos

    Cal State Fullerton coaches and players give their viewpoints on their seasons prior to their conference schedules

  9. 05:09

    Photo Stories

    by FullertonTitansTV

    1 Video

    Photographic slide shows with audio by Titan team photographer Matt Brown

  10. 46:04

    Titans Wired

    by FullertonTitansTV

    3 Videos

    Catch a glimps of Titan athletics like you never have before, as team photographer Matt Brown mics up and follows a player or coach in the heat of the battle.

  11. 06:59


    by FullertonTitansTV

    7 Videos

    Short commercials promoting Cal State Fullerton Athletics

  12. 28:45

    Talkin' Titan Baseball

    by FullertonTitansTV

    3 Videos

    Interviews with people on the inside of Titan baseball.

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