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My passion is the outdoors and my obsession has become to capture it all on film. Recording natural art. Hi Definition pixels that amaze an audiences eyes. In late 2012 I started a company called Full Focus Outdoors in hopes to film average people doing what they love throughout the Outdoor Industry. Putting their "Memories in Motion" in a way that they would never get tired of watching. My dream is to have a show on The Outdoor Channel that documents what I do. The consulting, scheduling, filming, and editing of hunts. The challenges that I face and overcome and the end result of a full feature film in the hands of a satisfied client.


  1. IF4™
  2. Camp 4 Collective
  3. Wes Coughlin
  4. Matt Schwarz
  5. Rockhouse Motion
  6. Freefly
  7. Heartland Bowhunter
  8. Sherpas Cinema
  9. Sweetgrass Productions
  10. RED Digital Cinema
  11. Zacuto
  12. Gallery Productions
  13. Branlin Shockey
  14. Rusted Rooster Media
  15. Rock Road Creative
  16. BrainFarm
  17. FortyOneTwenty
  18. Gates Underwater Products

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