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Our music takes you places ....

Full Werks Music Group is a premium production music library, music publisher and sync licensing label offering both high-end royalty-free (non-PRO) music as well as PRS production music for various use ages worldwide.

We can help find the right piece of music for your project, be it film, TV, Ads, documentaries, games, Apps and more.

Clients? sure, we've worked with many including CBS / The Late Late Show / BBC 2 / Renault TV / Monoto 1 / HBO / FaceBook / BBC iPlayer / Samsung / BMW / Cadillac / Sennheiser / Mercedes-Benz / Isuzu / SKII / Discovery Channel / Hankook / MTV Europe / S4C / Pimp My Ride / GrandView 360 and many more.

Looking after many talented, award winning and world class composers, artists and producers and DJs from around the world, and commission bespoke albums and music pieces exclusively to our label, as well as score to picture and filmscore work.

Please email us at : hello@fullwerksmusik.com for more information about our rates, catalog and to enquire about our artist roster or award winning design and branding.

Full Werks: Quite simply offering some of the most creative, highest quality production music for sync in the world.

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