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Fully Charged is a way of life. It’s an inspiration, a vision, a focus point. We all share similar dreams of success, to do the best we can, to feel proud. Our pride comes from who we are, where we came from and what we do. Like a battery which operates at its optimum level when charged, the Fully Charged brand is all about giving it your best shot in whatever life throws at you.

Our T-S hirts
Fully charged is an exciting new fashion brand specialising in tees for individuals who are proud of their heritage and want to promote their roots in a subtle yet stylish manor. Our t-shirts are made from the finest quality material made up of 100% organic apparel with 90% lower C02 making it Earth Positive using high quality and long lasting screen printing processes.

Our Concept
The beauty of our concept which makes us unique in our approach is that our designs and quotes are subtle in hinting what country, town, area you are celebrating leaving others guessing unless you already know about that nation’s culture. We have purposely steered away from national colours to make others more inquisitive.

Whatever the occasion, be it the world cup, Olympics, independence day, a birthday, a gift, a night out with friend or a trip to your local supermarket, we have a t-shirt for you.

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