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After touring over 60 cities to promote their last album, FUMUJ presents their third opus entitled "Drop a Three".

Calling once again upon Fred Norguet ((Ez3kiel, Lofofora, Sidilarsen...) for the recording and the mix, the formation is in full metamorphosis with more hip-hop influences than ever, sounds of saturated guitars, and rhythmical beats : a new genre of fusion, faithful to the groove and energy of the group.

In their desire to bring together different audiences and to break the barrier of silence, FUMUJ has enlarged its field of action by proposing a multi-sensorial creation on stage, dedicated to mixing the universes of the deaf and the hearing.

More than just a concert, it is an innovating experience guided by the coming together of the sounds of hip-hop, electro and rock, where the deafening and federative music of the band transcends, where to release the beast in each becomes more than a simple watchword.

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