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... me - funkcutter - what's in a name?

+++long serving VJ in the ranks of ultimate big underground sexy london squat parties of yore since 1995 started with name mad knitter changed to funkcutter in 2001

+++promotor of femi9product - all girl drum and bass, house, techno, live PA + VJs (and men included to perform as long as they were in drag) 1999 - 2003

+++punkvert extraordinaire (VJing, film maker, hardARTist, musician) with Candiflip Blackwood 2003 - infinity. Director of 'One Useless Prick', 'Strip 333', 'Tales from the Treatment Rooms - The Luis Ramirez Story', ' A Valentine's Supper' . HardART exhibition in Vibe Bar Gallery of '402' - an exhibition about John Joe 'Ash' Amador who was executed in Texas 29th August '07. The film '402' premiered at the Portobello Film Festival 10th September '08, winning the audience award. The Beautiful and the Rare - film about the making of the Rude Mechanicals album "Cyclops and the Wildebeest" 2010

+++promotor of twisted cabaret 'Subterfuge' with husband-wife-thing Candiflip Blackwood 2004 - now

+++singer and lyricist of anarchistwood - punk ass blues fuzz with trashy cheap trick electronica all presented in a kitsch and intimidating form (motherfucker) known to the lay person as 'prank rock' since 2006 with Candiflip Blackwood on guitar, bass and shell shock, CJ on Bass and Staring at The Wall, Ethyl Klooride on String Vests, Dr. M on Drumps plus S.K.E.T. Now! on VJ duties and surgical support

+++curator and record label manager of Ex Gratia Recordings with Candiflip Blackwood - 2008 - now
short run bespoke releases on vinyl, CD and download by anarchistwood, Rude Mechanicals, Handsum Pete, Jesus Hooligan, Sexton Ming, Wonk Unit and Ex Gratia compilations -

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