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Art Director at Jump Design & Direction, London.

Lee has worked in motion graphics for twelve years. From humble beginnings and pixelated masterpieces at Teletext he left a junior role to take up residence at Deluxe Digital Studios. Swiftly achieving the position of Senior Designer, and with a strong junior team, he successfully tackled the emerging formats of UMD, HD DVD and Blu Ray.

A move to Australia saw Lee settle in Sydney at Flicks, a small film company producing commercials and corporate films. Eager to get back into the thick of it, Lee returned to London and set up as a motion graphics freelancer and, for three years worked on an impressive variety of broadcast and corporate projects.

Keen to focus his skills on broadcast, Lee joined Jump in 2009 as a Senior Designer. A broad range of technical skills in both 2D and 3D animation and design drive Lee’s role as an Art Director and pushing his skills to the limit saw ITV’s 2011 Rugby World Cup gain international recognition for its creative and technical excellence.

In 2012 Lee's work was recognised by Time Out and he was awarded a prestigious place on the Hospital Club's 'Culture 100' list of the UK's most original and influential creatives.


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