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We are the "Fusion Bag Ladies". To find out more visit us at: fusion-bags.com

Fusion Products manufacture musical instrument bags and soft cases for guitars, cellos, brass and woodwind instruments, keyboard and accessories.

Welcome to Fusion Products..
We have created a gig bag range, where great care has been taken to design a product that fulfills the needs of the musician.
You will see immediately that the gig bags have been given the utmost attention to style and function.
There are four exciting ranges available in a choice of colours. The high end ranges offer quality and eye catching detail. They feature the Fuse-on concept where a selection of accessory bags can be attached to the main instrument bag. The lower end ranges offer quality and style at an affordable price. If you want a gig bag that not only protects your instrument but looks good, Fusion is for you.
About Fusion Bags
We are a British based company who provide designer made gig bags or soft cases. Market research proved that there was a demand for a gig bag that was more than just the basic black bag. People wanted a high quality bag that not only offered excellent protection to their instrument but looked stylish.Fusion has achieved this and now presents four ranges of gig bags for guitars, cello, keyboard, brass and woodwind instruments. We are an experienced team of individuals who are dedicated to providing excellent products and a first class service. A member of our team is Amanda Wheatley, a leading product designer in the UK and an accomplished musician. In the past, her clients have been brand names in the music industry that are recognised worldwide. We are determined that Fusion will endeavour to create innovative designs that adapt with time and never keep still.

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