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Fusion Cinema is a Brussels based organization devoted to film production directed by filmmakers Pablo Diartinez and Erik Parys. We take on the confrontation with the screen as a starting point —as the avantgarde’ist movements of the early 20th century did in painting to reclaim the canvas as a two-dimensional space— to make of each frame an image more akin to a painting than to a photograph. We make a different cinema, fusion cinema.

Our current project, "From the pages of Album", is a short film series that adapts poetry to the screen by means of a musically animated collage of motion graphics, texts and silent live action scenes. Every short film adapts a single poem, which features as text animation and spoken verse. All poetry is written by Spanish author Jorge Díaz and the main theme of the verses deals with overcoming the nostalgia of a lost love.

The first short film in the series, "Out of Reach (Rain Night)", had its world premiere at 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival and USA premiere at 2015 Slamdance Film Festival. The poem for this episode, a ‘found object’ text, paints a state of incommunicado and evasion.

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