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Fusion Computer Imagery Studios (Fusion CIS) is committed to excelling at complex dynamic fx challenges. Realistic physical simulation is the core of our work - complex particle & fluid fx like smoke, fire, explosions and rigid/soft body dynamics at uncompromising, photo-real, feature-film quality.
We work as a plug 'n play fx team for other vfx houses when they need to expand their fx capacity quickly & expertly. Our clients find this working model invaluable since dynamic fx are still very complex to do well within today's compressed scheds & budgets.They focus on their strengths and we provide them with ours.
Our fx are the product of advanced proprietary tools & technologies we've developed here to create high-end fx at a price you'd expect to pay experienced freelancers. Our tools make standard fx software perform far better than usual, so you get high-end fx work quickly & cost-efficiently. One of our plug-ins, "smorganic," creates realistic sheets of fluid with none of the typical 'webbing' or 'swiss-cheese' holes found in cg fluids. With "smorganic" the result is gorgeous fluids that are strong, art-directable and controllable fusioncis.com/pr_smorganic.html Because of our experience and level of expertise, we also have a big core library, so we often have a pretty good head-start on unique, original effects, another plus with today's squeezed resources.

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