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Future City Lab is an open-source initiative for designing our future urban environments. is generating with the means of crowd sourcing a positive utopia for 2050.

The LAB is a collaboration of leading engineers, universities and scientists worldwide in order to elaborate a (positive) urban vision for the next generations.

This vision should help to establish the planning directions that we need to take today.
The online platform of the Future City Lab will allow everyone in the world to participate in this discussion.

All investigations will be made public on a web-based platform.

The collaboration will be achieved via a web collaboration platform that was specially developed for
This platform will allow other students, experts and also any web user to comment on the work and contribute to the development of a future vision for our cities.

The following universities are part of the network:
Alghero, Italy | ESA Paris | ETH Zürich | UPenn | TU Delft | Syracuse University | Ryerson University | University of Copenhagen | Berlage Institute and IUAV Venezia

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