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Fuuse | art & activism.

Fuuse is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning production company, founded by Norwegian artist and activist Deeyah Khan, specializing in documentary films, media, the arts and live events.

Fuuse is a social purpose company which aims to inspire understanding, empathy and dialogue across cultures and communities, to confront and unpick complex and controversial topics, and shine a light on some of the hardest and most important issues facing us all today. We bring to the forefront the hidden stories, the alternative views, the excluded perspectives; and we amplify global voices of courage, compassion and creativity. All of our productions, from documentary films, to live events and music recordings, are rooted in the core principles we promote: Human Rights, Gender Equality, Freedom of Expression, Love, Social Justice and Peace.

Fuuse is a manifestation of Deeyah’s passion for producing original works forged in the place where art and activism meet, engaging the heart and empowering the mind, to help bring about urgently needed social change.


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