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The name Fuzzytek has been circulating around Detroit for a few years, known longest in the areas of fashion and music event coverage. Recently the path has grown into activism and working with the people, their communities, and the issues Detroit faces. As an activist I've studied the class struggle from many sides. I've been a bus rider for many years and without a vehicle since 2004. I've lived around the Detroit area and have visited many neighborhoods around the City of Detroit.

My work is freelance and covers many skills - ranging from website development, photography, graphics (print & online), social networking, and some video work (which hasn't been a primary focus yet). I do document activist efforts through video and photos. I use a number of devices for recording - could be my cellphone, (or a download of what was broacast live through the phone), a Canon Vixia HV30 is the latest addition to equipment.

My early videos were shot with a Sony DSC-F828 camera. The results are 640x480, with a rate of either 15fps or 30fps depending on which format memory it was captured.

I have many people in the past few years state "If you don't know Fuzzytek then you must not be from Detroit." - thank you for your acknowledgments, now lets get busy!

My blog at holds a variety of posts from the various interests in my life.

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