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Luis Brun (Director and script writter) Born in 1983 Uyuni – Bolivia. Studied social
communication, is director and university profesor. Luis Brun started in film in College and working
with photography and writting. Many of his shorts were exhibited in festivals such as the
International Universitary Video Festival (FENAVID) and Video Festival From Cuzco (Perú). In
2005 he founded, with other collegues, the audiovisual group “Efecto Doppler”, that soon became a
production company specialized in shotrs and independent documentaries. Brun directed 15 shorts
and medium length productions sucha as “Tiempos Muertos” (Winner Best Short in the “Diablo de
Oro” Festival). “Agua, playa infinita” (winner of best sound and editting in the Contest realized by
the FENAVID 2007), “Reconstruction” in 2008, ( Best Film and Script in the Iberoamerican Film
Festival of Santa Cruz, Bolivia 2008). In 2010 he was selected by the Talent Campus of Buenos Aires
with the video War Songs, part of his firs long feature documentary “War Songs” (in development).


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