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G2S is a passionate, talented, and switched-on collective of creative professionals offering exceptional digital output.

Individually, G2S’s film/videography, web design, graphic, sound, photography and event management departments deliver creative product that consistently exceeds expectations. Combining these skills, we offer comprehensive solutions for a full spectrum of marketing initiatives, providing the greatest possible return on marketing spend and sharpening our clients’ competitive edge.

We’re proud of our roster of local and international clients and pride ourselves on the personal attention to detail that our larger competitors are unable to offer.

G2S 聚集着一群充满热情,富有天赋,时尚的数字专家们。我们时刻准备着用我们的创意为客户提供出众的数字化产品。

G2S 有五个制作部门,分别是摄影,电影/视频录像、网站设计、平面图像设计、音效、以及活动管理。每一个部门都能够单独制作完成超越客户期待的作品。结合各个部门的职能,我们能够为客户的营销活动提供一整套有效的解决和支持方案,帮助客户取得一定营销支出下的最大回报,并协助其塑造自己的竞争优势。

G2S 一路走来,与国内和国际大大小小的企业合作过,每一次都令我们骄傲,不仅因为我们出色的完成了客户的要求,更是有感于吉图的成长。我们仔细认真地对待作品的每一个细节,客户的每一点要求,我们以一个吉图人的身份而自豪。

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