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Gabriella began gymnastics’ class around 18months of age, due to recognition of her unique balance and strength. Her teachers were absolutely amazed with her abilities. Gabriella began performing at two years old, with Danc-Sing Stars Studio in Fairfield, California. Gabriella is involved in tumbling, dance, as well as gymnastics. Gabriella has an amazing gift of power and flexibility. Carole Warren, Owner and Choreographer of over 50 years, has stated that Gabriella, “Has a natural God given gift of flexibility and strength that makes her a petite package of power!” Gabriella has won countless local and national awards, completed national commercials, and local and national print ads. Gabriella’s YouTube video was shown on “Oprah’s Most Talented Kids” episode. She has also appeared on, “The Bonnie Hunt Show”, “The Tyra Banks Show” , Nickelodeon, The Voice and The BET Awards.

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