Gabito Guzman

genius loci, N. America

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I am me. I made myself. So did you.

I am an amateur anthropologist by training and a part-time videographer/editor by trade and a web design hobbyist. In my spare time, I experiment dilligently with different aspects of experimental moving images.

My latest web project collaboration was a site for my good friend RB's furniture design company:

I have been learning to dance Argentine Tango for about a year now. For work I have been employed at Moving Image Productions and The Archaeology Channel online.

Currently, I have plans to move back to Phoenix, AZ to be with my family with whom I have not spent too much time the last 4-5 years.

Ultimately, you could say that I am multi-layered. Perhaps. Or maybe not. Either way, I enjoy cameras, cinema, documentaries, film theory, and anything that captures light in fantastic new, or old, ways.

- el Gabito


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