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  1. Documentaries

    by Florian joined

    26 Videos / 26 Members

  2. Documentaries

    by John Kennedy joined

    43 Videos / 49 Members

    A collection of films telling tales from the world around us...

  3. Documentaries

    by mediamente^ joined

    101 Videos / 47 Members

  4. Documentaries

    by Andrew Fons joined

    180 Videos / 78 Members

    Web videos in the documentary category

  5. Documentary

    by Gino Salerno joined

    97 Videos / 55 Members

    Documentary films.

  6. Canon DSLR Films

    by Creative Zone joined

    911 Videos / 335 Members

    a group for who uses DSLR to make videos.

  7. Short Documentary & Video Contests

    by Eddy B joined

    330 Videos / 251 Members

    A place to post information, including entry video, on contests for filmmakers and documentarians. This group is curated by Reel Insights, which runs contests offering documentarians an creative…

  8. untold.docs

    by Omar Khalifa joined

    539 Videos / 366 Members

    This group is a pool of short and long form documentaries, social and politically-minded stories, trailers and audio slideshows. 'untold.docs' aims to promote important unheard stories,…

  9. Urban Philosophy

    by Mitchell LeBlanc joined

    613 Videos / 228 Members

    The purpose of this group is to feature videos which relate to Philosophy in some way or another. If you feel that you have a video which contributes to the area of Philosophy either directly or indirectly,…

  10. Documentary trailer

    by Diana Quiñones Rivera joined

    509 Videos / 248 Members

    For posting and sharing trailers for documentary film

  11. Dokumentarfilm

    by Peter Meier joined

    1,260 Videos / 484 Members

    Add your doumentary here Ajoutez vos documentaires ici Fügen Sie Ihre Dokus hier ein

  12. HD Documentary

    by Nick Anderson joined

    1,385 Videos / 588 Members

    Bringing you documentaries in all their glory, visually.

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