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Gabriella Marina Gonzalez is a London based designer specialising in hand made leather accessories, footwear, millinery and knitwear. The Miami native graduated from Central St Martins Women's Wear in 2009. The label was established shortly after, focusing mainly on unconventional luxury leather goods. Gabriella’s early works consisted of shredded handmade yarns that she knitted, knotted and crocheted to create intricately detailed jumpers and gowns. SHOWstudios described her graduate collection as ‘Savage buckled harnesses, zippered leathers and hefty cobweb mohair that looked as if they had been knitted on a couple of broomsticks’. Often combining leather, silk and other luxury fabrics, Gabriella creates work that is characterised by an inventive boldness which invites inspection of more delicate intricacies. In designing, her intentions go beyond adornment. She has a strong artistic interest in the potential to evoke atmosphere, emotion and endless association through the creation of a garment or accessories. Often this is achieved with a hint of functionality to her work, immersing the wearer in a narrative and conjuring a sense of character and experiences. For this reason, Gabriella’s work has become a popular choice for costume in films, commissions for editorials (Hedi Slimane, Alister Mackie), displayed in museums (V&A, MoBA) and printed in hard cover books (Design Behind Desire, Shoe You). A sense of duality is present in much of her work; sinister/sacred, pristine/used, aggression/longing. In this way she highlights the sometimes conflicting spectrum of qualities that can exist simultaneously within one person. Most frequently noticeable is a sense of dual feminine empowerment and fragility, demonstrated in the resilience of the leather and the delicate use of fabric.

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