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Gabrielle Nadeau is originally from Pintendre, a small town near Quebec city, but decided to learn English and move to Ontario in 2002 to study film and video production at York University. Her dual background was thrown into sharp light in her third year thesis film, “Québec, Quebec.” The story of a young Francophone who looses his ability to speak French during the 1995 referendum. The short film won her recognition in festivals in North America and in Europe as well as the Cinespace Film & Video Award for recognition of exceptional artistic merit and achievement.

In 2007, Gabrielle built her first prodution company called PIF Productions and graduated with a second short film titled “The Spark”. The film won her gold for best dramatic short at WorldFest Houston Film Festival and granted her the Universal Studios Award. She pursed her directing career and produced her first commercial, the “CCAC” for OMNI television. It is currently broadcasted in five different languages to promote the Cabagetown Community Arts Centre; a charity that provides music lessons for local children under the poverty line.

In 2010, Gabrielle has moved back to Quebec city and partnered with Chuck Taylor to open a new production company named “Ciné Panache Ltd”. Thrghout their collaboration they produced a new short film titled “Along the Road”; the story of two eight year old girls coming together to construct a tragic accident in order to regain a mother’s attention. This short film was selected by Palm Springs Short Film Festival.

In 2011, Cine Panache created their first mid-length production; a 45 minutes 3D animated film titled “Lévis: pour les enfants, par ses enfants”. This fun adventure film was showcased during the the autumn festivities of Célébrations Lévis 2011.

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