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  1. 16:09

    Faces of N.

    by Gabriel Shalom

    6 Videos

    an audiovisual EP http://facesofn.com

  2. 24:26

    The Tosso Variations

    by Gabriel Shalom

    5 Videos

    The Tosso Variations is a videomusical suite in five movements based on recordings of several free improvisations by Shingo Inao. Shingo plays his Tosso, a six-stringed sensor instrument of his own…

  3. 11:27

    Object Oriented

    by Gabriel Shalom

    4 Videos

    Object Oriented – installation documentation + series of three video artworks. created by Gabriel Shalom curated by Meiré und Meiré for the MINI Clubman Frankfurt Motor Show…

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    Jesus Club

    by Gabriel Shalom

    5 Videos

    Series of five videomusical stings created by Gabriel Shalom for the Berlin-based Jesus Club at Maria am Ostbahnhof in 2009. Featuring the hand of Manuel Czech. Produced by KS12 and Carsten Goertz. http://www.clubjesus.de

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    Visual Music

    by Gabriel Shalom

    4 Videos

    Visual music

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    by Gabriel Shalom

    15 Videos

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