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Gabrijel Savic Ra (studied philosophy) : multimedia artist and curator, fighter for human rights. Gabrijel Savic Ra was the founder and curator of two galleries V.I.P.Art Gallery (since 2003 to 2010) and Art@Art Gallery (from 2007 to 2009) and curator of Circus Gallery (since 2005 to 2010). He started several festivals and annual exhibitions for new medias (IN-DIFFERENCE, September Salon, Ars Mystic, Focus, Frames…). As an artist expresses in performance art, video art, paintings, installation, music, poetry, photography. In his performance actions mostly follows the body art path, but also combines live action with new technology. In 2004 along with Milica Lapcevic he founded X-Tended Mind art group which he left the following year. In 2005 Gabrijel Savic Ra founded the art group Corpus Artisticum with several artist and make the network for worldwide collaborations and exchange of experience.

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