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Pensacola, FL

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Gail Spruill Shaw is a compulsive creative director. She can’t help herself. If you’re next to her in a buffet line, you’ll see it in the way she assembles her plate, as if it’s being photographed for Food & Wine. At a birthday party, her present will be the one with wrapping as unique as the gift inside. Count on her to comment about how a movie was shot or scored, what worked and what didn’t. She will make you think.

Gail’s ability to transform the simple and ordinary into work with meaning and impact makes her invaluable to advertising and marketing clients. She is simultaneously the observer and the director, the student and the teacher. She takes the best elements and blends them with her artistry and discipline to produce distinctive, memorable communications.

Gail has produced brand videos for American Hawaii Cruises, United States Lines, Classic American Voyages, Cruise West, Chevron, as well as the State of Mississippi Tourism, Mississippi Development Authority’s presentation video to Nissan for the Godwin Group.

Gail earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, Mississpppi, and has participated in continuing education workshops with internationally known artists.

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