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Gemuele (Gem) Aludino, 24 years old.
I attended Montclair State University, where I studied Film.

My technical skills include cinematography (camera operator/assistant, gaffer, key grip, electrician) --
as well as editing, and I have taken a recent interest in color correction/grading.
I also enjoy directing, working with actors -- and being an actor myself! (sometimes, haha)

Aside from film, I enjoy writing/playing music.
I hope to further develop my ear and strengthen my skill with relative pitch --
hopefully honing it toward perfect pitch!
I'll compose anything from orchestral film score-like soundtracks,
to producing hip-hop instrumental tracks with MIDI in FL Studio.

I love the city environment --
but NEW YORK CITY is where it's at...
and I hope to live there in the future.

That is all for now!

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