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The foundation of the “pit bull problem” is built with the same fundamental components as the problems that face people in our communities. We feel the cause is more important than the symptom. We believe a better life for dogs starts with a better life for people, and that a better life for people can be advanced through the human-canine bond.

Game Dog Guardian supports people, programs and organizations in the community with time, information, expertise and resources.

We are a repository of information, ideas, sources, research and experience.

We support education as a primary means to personal growth and social and economic advancement.

We support practical and pragmatic governance aimed at improving life for people and dogs in our communities and preserving the rights and liberties of citizens.

The dogs in our rescue program largely come from animal cruelty cases in the Midwest and nationwide. We believe that as the dogs overcome their less fortunate past, they can motivate and help people overcome obstacles through the power of the human-canine bond.

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