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  1. Machinima

    by The Martin Brothers joined

    327 Videos / 62 Members

  2. Machinima

    by FLOOR_MASTER joined

    862 Videos / 231 Members

    Videos created in whole or part through the use of captured video game footage

  3. Machinima Stories

    by Laurina Hawks joined

    85 Videos / 18 Members

    This group is dedicated to storydriven or plotdriven Machinimas. Means: no dance machinimas (unless they have a plot), music videos, reports, documentations, self expressions, art videos or experimental. The…

  4. Sims 2 Machinima

    by Berrybaby27 joined

    43 Videos / 23 Members

    For all things Sims! I didn't see a group for our machinima so I decided to make one. ^_^

  5. The Machinima Creators

    by GamesVlog's Official Video Hub joined

    11 Videos / 1 Member

    This group is for Machinima User Created from Video Games. Machinima of a Movie nature should be permitted here. other stuff we remove.

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