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Hello! I´m a Designer in Visual Communication from Argentina, and I´m also interested in motion graphics, photography and all related with visual arts. Here I´ll post some personal works and also experimental projects. Actually I´m working at Eloisa Iturbe Studio as a motion graphic designer.
I´m open to collaborations, feel free to contact me!



  1. Daniel Hope
  2. Berd
  3. Onur Senturk
  4. Helge Maus / pixeltrain
  5. Twistedpoly // Nejc Polovsak
  6. Fred Huergo
  7. Conrad Ostwald
  8. Francisco Kitzberger
  9. Jordi Pages
  10. The Pixel Lab
  11. balazskerek
  12. ale pixel
  13. Estilo
  14. The SPA Studios
  15. Fuchs & Vogel
  16. Daniel Oeffinger
  17. Esteban Diácono

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