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Garage BOSO is an globally recognized motor sports tuning facility
We specialize in preparing professional drift cars for international competition
Garage BOSO was founded in Gardena, California in 2006 on the basis of a single idea; our goal from the beginning was to build and maintain drift cars without any compromise to the quality of our workmanship. In the end, everything else has little substance. If you want the cheapest job possible, you have come to the wrong place. High quality workmanship, a high level of skill and technical know-how, and honesty with our customers.

The Word "BOSO" is derived from the Japanese word "Bou-Sou" which is difficult to directly translate into English, but the basic meaning is "reckless." The word is primarily associated with the Japanese phrase "Bou-Sou-ZoKu", which refers to the insane biker gangs or groups in Japan. If you aren't familiar with these groups, don't worry, most people outside of Japan are not. Wikipedia has kindly provided some information about BOSO if you would like to educate yourself further on the subject. (*1)

(*1) - We would like to point out that, in Japan, BOSO is not technically associated with drifting. We did that. And if you didn't know, now you know...

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