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  1. 04:09

    Modul8 users Showreel

    by garageCube

    2 Videos

    Modul8 artsits Showreel.

  2. 12:38

    MadMapper 1.7 new features

    by garageCube

    3 Videos

    MadMapper 1.7 's exciting new features: groups , New mad lines; DMX Line Surface soft-edge ,audio controller, Leap Motion controller support OSC Color, OSC Flag etc.

  3. 02:44

    Modul8 Modules

    by garageCube

    3 Videos

  4. 48:55

    MadMapper User's performances

    by garageCube

    15 Videos

    Video & Light performance from MadMapper Users/

  5. 22:53

    Modul8 Users live performances

    by garageCube

    10 Videos

    Projects & gigs made with Modul8 by Modul8 Users

  6. 01:50:33


    by garageCube

    8 Videos

    Videos that we like to show during our presentations of Modul8.

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