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Gareth Pon believes that everyone should have at least one ridiculous dream they believe can come true and since he can remember, his has been to go to space. Growing up, he maintained his dream of space travel and avoided it becoming a career, he opted out of becoming an astronaut and chose to be a film maker and photographer instead.

Apart from his passion for filmmaking and photography, Gareth has spent the last few years pursuing the potential of Mobile Photography and developing the South African Instagramers community, the only South African Instagram community with international relationship and recognition. As a result of his activity and unique approach to creativity, he has been featured by various platforms including Huffington Post, DailyTekk Art.Mic, Mail & Guardian, Resource Magazine and Instagram's official blog, as well as partnering with tech giant Samsung South Africa in becoming their Official Digital Imaging Ambassador in 2015.

Gareth is Africa's top Instagrammer of 2014, founder of the South African Instagramers Community and a passionate creative. In combination with his knowledge of film, photography, community and brief dabbling in fashion and architecture, his experience serves to give a unique approach to creative innovative ideas. He provides creative consultation on maximising the use of Instagram, building communities, and expanding awareness of product and brand across digital platforms in a creative way, using Instagram, film & photography.

Until Gareth can one day fulfil his dream of space travel, he will continue making pixels, appreciating the simple things in life, inspiring others, occasionally blogging for Huffington Post, loving the colour yellow, enjoying delicious food and refusing to live a mediocre life, while keeping up the hope of one day meeting a girl who’s dreams are as ridiculous as his.

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