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American Southwest

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International Award Winning Feature Film & TV Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Photographer with credits such as; HBO/Cinemax, DirecTV, Showtime Australia, Playboy TV, Fox Broadcasting, Toshiba EMI, Freemantle, InDemand PPV, Worldwide Video, Kappa Japan, Kaleidoscope Canada and more.

I have deep experience in nearly every motion picture system/format in the world as well as all photographic formats and have previously or currently own professional systems such as; Arriflex, Red, Sony, Leica, Toyo, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Ikegami, and more.

Expert rock climber, mountain biker, canyoneer, wilderness adventurer, surfer, nordic and alpine skier but most importantly happily married to the legendary Tabitha Stevens!

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