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New Haven, Connecticut

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Gary Richetelli is a real estate professional in the state of Connecticut. He is the President of Chase American Mortgage Company and Commercial Development Company. He has previously served as the President of Colonial Properties and Guardian Management Company.

His areas of expertise cover many facets of the real estate industry. He has over forty years of experience with real estate property management, construction, investment, asset management, and leasing solutions.

Gary has been active in the national and regional Connecticut real estate community for almost forty years. Most of his properties are located on the Route 1 Corridor between Milford and New Haven. He is one of the most experienced real estate development professionals in New Haven County. As President of Commercial Development Company, Gary manages over 100 properties in and around Connecticut and Greater New England.

Gary is also a member of several influential real estate associations. On the residential side, he is active with the National Association of Home Builders. On the commercial side of his business, he is involved with the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Gary Richetelli also prides himself on being a an active member of the New Haven community and beyond. He is active with the Walter Camp Football Foundation and the Amity Club among other associations.

The Amity Club has rich history in the New Haven, Connecticut community. They work to encourage charity and civil activism in and around New Haven. They believe in and work to propagate ethical business practices in the local area. Besides fostering ethical small business practices, the Amity Club also promotes humanitarian ideals and works to encourage community enterprise.

The Walter Camp Football Foundation is another New Haven based organization that Gary Richetelli has ties to. The Foundation came to be in 1967 and was established to continue the traditional selection of the Walter Camp outstanding college player of the year. The foundation is also passionate about passing on Walter Camp's virtues of honor and sportsmanship.

You can check out Gary's videos for concise info on his career and education. Thanks for checking out Gary's Vimeo profile.

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