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I’m Nicola Gastaldi, a motion graphics designer, able to deal with client’s needs and tight deadlines. As a freelancer I worked alone, in a team or as head of teams, managing the whole project, from conception to final render, or being just part of it. I’m now working full time at Smoke & Mirrors, London.

I have solid experience with After Effects, with Adobe Suite and Cinema4d. I can also manage the whole production of projection mapping video, the demand of which is highly increasing.

But my brain never stops, everyday I learn new things and new skills. The main skill I bring to the table is the ability to listen to client’s needs, be creative and act rationally to achieve the best results in the given timeframe. This can be possible only having in mind the technical possibilities of the programs, what it takes to complete a job and its costs. I’m strongly prepared to criticism and I want to grow everyday.

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