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Gates Bradley has been producing, editing and making motion graphics since 2003. After graduating film school from Florida State University in 2002, he moved to Austin, Texas where he co-founded the creative boutique and post-production studio Super!Alright! working for clients such as Viacom (TV Land/Nickelodeon), Dell, and SXSW.

He left in 2009 to explore South America, where he kept busy filming, editing, and creating motion graphics with such groups as La Blogotheque and Zizek Records, Transmission Entertainment, and the Independent Film Channel. Whilst down there he became enamoured with the unique street art scene, and is currently developing a documentary about it with Graffitimundo.

In 2010 he moved to New York City where he currently freelances as an editor, motion graphics animator, and producer. His experience runs the gamut from promotional material, to documentaries, to commercials, to live music for broadcast and web. His primary tools are Final Cut Pro, and the Adobe Production & Design suites.


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