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My Thing is Design, Post Production and Creative Direction. I love being able to tell stories through image, sound and type, also the aesthetics that help tell those stories. It really is a thing of expression.

The market place moves at a fast pace. Online campaigns and touch portable devices are becoming the norm. Redefining how we communicate and connect with our audience. It's exciting delivering to new formats. This project was for an AMP corporate event which involved a commercial for 5 HD television screens and Print media.

For referral concerning this project please contact Project Coordinator
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  1. I just bought the 7-14mm UWA and some lights. So amped think i'm burning up. 25mm 1.4, 12mm hyper prime and 85mm next. After that done no more glass!!! almost have complete desirable FD range.
  2. @Cody, thats a confusing question, they are 2 very different lenses for different applications. You should have both. he used the 44mb patch.