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Name: GVP
The goal of Gateway Videos & Production is not very complex. GVP company was founded by three inspire young in Miami Florida in the inner city. The vision was for the trio to start a company from scratch and build it into a house hold name. With that being said they put their head together and came up with aconcept that would exploit of their talents. There are three aspects of the company 1.Videos 2.Photography and 3.Music. Three individuals three areas of expertise. After years of conducting business we came in contact with another individual with the same drive as the original three owners. The company went by the name of Videome. This company is also a videos and graphics company, a perfect match. We both came to an agreement and merged our compaines. GVP and VIDEOME along with a catchy slogan
( IF YOU CAN SEE IT, WE CAN CAPTURE IT ). We are ready to put our talent to the test.

Our purpose is to provide the highest level of quality and customer service to every customer we encounter.GVP professionalism is unmatched in every area. We provide professional video, photographs, music and graphics. Being from the inner city has given us the opportunity to connect with the youth within our neighborhood. Working with the youth teaching them a skill,keeps them off the streets and gives us the opportunity to give back, to our community. We look forward to doing business with you.

Check our website:
livestream.com/gvptv myspace.com/gvp2006

Email: gvp2000@comcast.net

And with that being said we would like you to enter the Gateway experience. We know you will enjoy the ride. Thank You, GVP

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