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  1. Awesome showreels from awesome motion designers on vimeo

    by Matthieu Colombel subscribed to

    369 Videos / 189 Followers

  2. Shit Showreels Say

    by Peter Quinn subscribed to

    459 Videos / 1,035 Followers

    It's reel love. This is a collection of reels from everywhere, from artists of all levels of experience. Show us your mograph showreel! If you're featured here - it'll also be…

  3. kidproof

    by nagash subscribed to

    114 Videos / 1,242 Followers

    a gathering of videos suited for kids, even the smallest ones. rules: no violence, no adult themes, no language barriers. contributions are welcome :)

  4. The Stop Motion Channel

    by Robert Lyons subscribed to

    1,144 Videos / 588 Followers

    A channel devoted to the art of stop motion animation, including: clay, object, puppet, & replacement animation, pixilation, go motion, & motion control. An international showcase featuring…

  5. Selected Animations & Motiongraphics

    by mariolo subscribed to

    860 Videos / 693 Followers

    only good animation and art direction...any animation technique is allowed!!

  6. Animation Sequence Project

    by in60seconds subscribed to

    299 Videos / 242 Followers

    http://www.animationsequence.com The Animation Sequence Project is a unique co-creation project with the world’s greatest animation artists involved. Animators from all around the world…

  7. Inspiring Mini-Documentaries

    by Steve Crow subscribed to

    117 Videos / 117 Followers

    There are so many fantastic films presented here on Vimeo, particularly in the DSLR documentary category. Beautifully crafted, well told stories that inspire me in some way each time I watch them. This…

  8. Time Travel Shorts (sci fi)

    by Gavin Beck subscribed to

    4 Videos / 2 Followers

    A collection of short films that deal with the idea of time- traveling, overlapping, stopping, etc.

  9. theflow: VFX Breakdown

    by theflow subscribed to

    1,890 Videos / 2,818 Followers

    VFX Breakdowns The Foundry Nuke Compositing Matte Painting VFX Excellence Powered by MotionGraphicsSpain http://tinyurl.com/6xgpzvk Admin by theflow http://tinyurl.com/62a2plx

  10. Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i

    by GBM subscribed to

    883 Videos / 2,759 Followers

    Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4 DSLR Videos

  11. Vimeo Best AfterEffects Work

    by Tiago Pierotti subscribed to

    551 Videos / 14.2K Followers

    A Channel where you can find the Best works Done in After Effects! If you are into After Effects join this channel and contribute for it !

  12. Sci-Fi Shorts

    by Nick T. Anderson subscribed to

    41 Videos / 231 Followers

    This is a channel made to showcase the best content from all over Vimeo that is in the Sci-Fi genre. Feel free to add your own films, but if the production value and/or story quality is too low, it…

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