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With songs that range from evocatively low rumbling and moody ambiences to brutal and intense anthemic melodies, Independent singer/songwriter Gayathri's voice is her identity. Her sound is powerfully moving drawing from diverse influences.

It all started in the south of India, where she was born. Music was the nanny in her home, the language most spoken within the family and quickly became her hidden place and playground. As life took her from India, to Dubai to London, Gayathri has always worked with a tight-knit crew of musicians and artists striving to create powerful emblems of sonic and visual harmony.

A champion of the independent movement with a growing and active fan base, her debut album 'The Unknown' is the result of a highly successful crowdfunding campaign raising over $23,000 in ten days. Acting as her own manager, marketeer, and full-time pep-talker, over the last 4 years she independently released 2 EPs, a large-scale music video, and gigged tirelessly including 2 self-managed European tours playing to packed houses in cities like London, Paris & Berlin. Making her own way in music, creating a sound that is undeniably current yet utterly timeless.

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