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  1. 03:11:03

    Видеоматериалы GBIF семинара - 16 октября 2015, Москва

    by GBIF

    4 Videos

    Видеоматериалы семинара "Публикация данных в Глобальной Информационной Системе по Биоразнообразию - GBIF" Семинар состоялся 16 октября 2015 г. в Институте проблем экологии и эволюции…

  2. 02:05:42

    #GBIFfrontiers @AMNH

    by GBIF

    6 Videos

    The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC) partnered with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) to host a special "Symposium and Panel Discussion: Frontiers Of Biodiversity…

  3. 05:45:14

    GBIF Public Symposium 2014

    by GBIF

    16 Videos

    The Public Symposium 2014 featured a series of dynamic presenters who highlighted developments in GBIF's infrastructure and community along with innovative research uses of GBIF-mediated data.…

  4. 44:24

    Videos about GBIF Tools

    by GBIF

    1 Video

    This album gathers videos about tools produced by GBIF, such as the GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit, or the GBIF Nodes Portal Toolkit .

  5. 49:42

    Short introductory videos about biodiversity data quality

    by GBIF

    12 Videos

    This album contains a series of short introductory training videos published by GBIF ( about biodiversity data quality and data fitness for use: some basic definitions, many good pieces…

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